Labelexpo Europe 2013 in Brussels


When all the elements of the label (self adhesive stickers) and package printing industry come together, something magical happens. We come to Labelexpo Europe 2013 and look behind the curtain. Try to discover how new technology can create new opportunities, attract more clients and add value to existing relationships.

We have been in the Labelexpo in Shanghai since 2006.It was the first time for us to attend the fair in Europe, as the leading supplier of release liner and self adhesive materials in China.


We bring specialty paper, like CCK paper, and the self adhesive materials for label industry.

Besides, we also bring brand new quality for self adhesive films for wall decoration.

Fancy-fix wall decal programme is designed for the production of long term removable decorative labels for wall and furniture decoration. Fancy-fix self adhesive films can be used on walls, glass, furniture, floors and doors in all living and office spaces.

Fancy-fix Wall decal film is available for high quality graphics by roller printing, offset printing, apart from the standard production process like die-cutting, embossing, etc.