Reduce Heat, Save Wine!


Every Wine Shop faces a challenge that frequently affects both home and business owners – Solar Heat Gain.


It is best ideas to show your wine on the window shop, but the suns heat passing through windows can lead to uncomfortable temperatures, damage to stock and property, and often leads to an increase in air conditioning costs.

And our FancyFix Solar Control Window Film will provide you a COST-EFFICTIVE solution.

What can we do?
1.Reducing direct glare from 5% to 99%
2.Blocks up to 65% of the suns heat and 96% of UV rays
3.Reduces incoming heat, glare and UV rays to protect the wine in display window.

Why choose FancyFix Solar Control Window Film?
1.The solution was inexpensive compared to blinds and awnings.
2.which was to reduce the heat coming through the window, yet still maintain the visibility for your customers.