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Dated on 7th Dec. 2013, the graduates at JIUJIANG UNIVERSITY (JJU) were visiting our Fancy-fix office along with the teachers. They are the representatives of these graduates, who will come to Wenzhou for pre-employment training in 2014.

Fancyfix as the appointed base for pre-employment training by JJU

With JJU, we already recruited over 10 graduates from the Foreign Language College. During the visiting, Miss. Rita Lu made warm and passionate presentation for these visitors, including the story of entrepreneurship, introduction the launching and developing of fancyfix business in DIY products (e.g. Wall stickers, Window films, Self adhesive foils,etc.), also our enterprise culture and values.

At the end of November 2013, As the member of Wenzhou Online Chamber of Commerce

facnyfix went to Jiujiang University for recruitment. Totally more than 60 companies took part in the recruitment hold in JJU. Fortunately all of these companies are expected to employ over 100 gradates who intend to work in Wenzhou and devote to export business in the future.

JJU is located in Jiujiang city, Jiangxi province, the middle of China, which is very famous as the base of revolution at the time of war of liberation, and the fantastic beauty spot.